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In UAE, there was no legal requirement to maintain books of accounts till 31st December 2017. But from 1st January 2018 onwards VAT registration and maintaining books of accounts has become mandatory for entities whose turnover (sales) exceeds AED 375,000/-

Entities whose turnover does not exceed AED 375,000/- will also be benefited by maintaining proper books of accounts. E.g. Receiving timely information about the profitability of business, position of receivables and payables, position of stock, details of other assets and liabilities etc.

Hence it is in your business’s best interest to keep your records accurate and timely.

Our professionally qualified and experienced accountants will maintain your accounts up to date and provide necessary accounting reports and information based on clients requirements. This will help you to get timely information for decision making.

Benefits of outsourcing Accounting functions with us.

  1. Without hiring a full time accountant, get the professional accounting services from our professional accounting experts.

  2. Minimize your expenses by eliminating your personnel cost such as salary and allowances and other hidden costs such as end of service benefits, medical insurance, leave salary ,flight ticket , and other recruitment related expenses.

  3. Outsourcing accounts with us will help to deviate management attention from routine accounting and administrative matters to core business areas.

Our Accounting Services

  1. Part time accounting services.

    1. Our qualified and experienced accountants will visit your premises and complete your accounting and book keeping works at your office. We will make daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly visits as per your requirements and provide all necessary reports accordingly.

    2. We will collect documents daily/weekly/monthly from your office and accounting will be done from our office and provide necessary reports.(Original documents and accounting data will be returned to you after accounting has been done)


  2. Design and implementation of accounting system
    • Our team of professionals will design and implement accounting and reporting system and procedures to suit your business requirements.

  3. Management accounts(MIS) and reporting
    • Our qualified management accountants will prepare various reports including budgets for the management – monthly/quarterly/yearly based on client’s requirements.

  4. Reconciliation
    • Our team of professionals will provide various reconciliation services to reconcile the differences in accounts.

  5. Closing of books of accounts
    • We will help our clients to close books of accounts monthly/quarterly/yearly to prepare financial statements.

  6. Budgeting and Forecasting
    • While working closely with our clients, we will understand the nature and dynamics of their business and help the client to prepare business forecast and budgets.

  7. Payroll services
    • We will provide payroll services in compliance with WPS requirements as per UAE Labor Law including preparation of pay slips, leave updating and tracking, processing bonus and expense claims and any other payroll administrative services if required.