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  1. Feasibility study.
  2. We will conduct feasibility studies for our clients for new businesses, new products or expansion of existing business etc. A feasibility study is a study of the viability of an idea about new business , new products on identifying potential market opportunities and threats to decide whether the idea is viable or not. Feasibility studies are conducted before preparing our business plan. The feasibility study includes;

    1. Description of the product/business.
    2. Market feasibility
    3. Technical feasibility
    4. Organisational feasibility

  3. Business planning.
  4. A business plan is a step by step guide, a written description of your business future that tells what you plan to do and how you do it. We will help our client to design and develop a business plan by conducting a detailed study which includes

    1. Forecasting key business figures.
    2. Outlining key milestones to achieve.
    3. Detailed study of the target market.
    4. Sales forecast.
    5. Forecast of direct expense and overheads.
    6. Break even sales and desired profit.
    7. Personnel plan - requirement of human resources.
    8. Cash flow forecast.

    The process of doing so will help to uncover any holes or areas that you have not thought through well enough

  5. Business Restructuring
  6. We help to restructure business's which are under performing, in distress or experiencing a cash crisis to resolve strategic operational and financial issues. A well constructed restructuring plan allows a company to improve its cashflow situation and profiability

    We will carry out a business health check that will highlight the business areas that need fixing.

    We act quickly to help business's to regain control. We will review financial and operational structures of the business and provide operational support such as building a business plan that is supported by actions including defining key performance indicators and short to longer term strategies to achieve recovery and growth.

    We also help to prepare value building strategies such as stabilising your business by implementing effective working capital management, creating value through optimized exit.

  7. Business setup in U.A.E
  8. We provide assistance for those planning to incorporate, establish and run their business in Dubai.

    Following are the types of legal entities that can be registered in Dubai

    1. Mainland companies - companies other than freezone entities
    2. Freezone companies

    These are the type of licences issued in Dubai

    1. Trade licence - to practice any commercial activity
    2. Industrial licence - to practice any industrial activity
    3. Professional licence - to practice any professional activity

    Starting a business consists of 8 steps:-

    1. Select a business activity.
    2. Select a legal form.
    3. Select a trade name.
    4. Apply for Initial Approval.
    5. Prepare MOA / LSA agreement.
    6. Establish business location.
    7. Get approvals.
    8. Collect business licence.