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CFO Services

We offer highly experienced outsourced CFOs at your disposal on a part time basis depending on the client’s requirements. Our financial professionals are members of various global accounting bodies and have many years’ experience in working as financial controllers and CFOs of various companies.

This concept frequently referred to as virtual CFO, is well established and growing rapidly. If you have identified a need for a CFO but are concerned about the additional cost of the right person, short term / part time nature of the need, then we are here to help you out at reasonable cost.

Hence it is in your business’s best interest to keep your records accurate and timely.

A CFO is typically responsible for managing strategic financial planning process and ensuring the efficient financial performance of the company. A good CFO is forward-looking and constantly forecasts future cash flows and financial performance so that resource requirements, including financing, can be identified and addressed well in advance of when they are required

Responsibilities of a CFO

  1. Controlling accounting, reporting, forecasting and budgeting activities.
  2. Ensuring optimum financial performance
  3. Preparing business plans, feasibility studies etc…
  4. Arrange finances for the business.
  5. Preparing policies and procedures for the business.
  6. Ensuring legal compliance of tax laws and other related rules and regulations.
  7. Cash flow management.